Growing up in a heteronormative Asian household, I felt out of place in the world as a queer person. Fear has been a constant factor in my queer journey. I feared rejection: I feared my friends, family, and all those closest to me would reject me. With no one to turn to about being queer, I pushed my queerness aside and left it there to pass. But, I came to learn that my queerness was a part of who I am. Coming to terms with it wasn’t at all easy, but worthwhile when I did. 
In college, I wasn’t alone anymore— surrounded by a community I can learn and grow from. These portraits represents my desire to connect with other queer members of the LGBTQ+ community— this community that I was deprived of growing up. Here, I welcome you to see us for who we are and read our narratives.Through the act of reflecting, listening, and conversing with each and every person I’ve met, I came to understand their individual experiences and how beautiful we all are.
The book includes words and images from Colby College (Waterville, ME) members from 2020-2021.

'Queer Journey' Book Preview

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