Joseph Bui (he/him) is a Houston-based editorial and portrait photographer/artist. Identifying as Vietnamese-American, he developed an interest in storytelling on topics of relationships between people, community, identity, culture, and the theme of “home."
As an active listener and observer, he explores the strengths and vulnerabilities of the topics he works with, as well as their relationship to the environment they exist in. His portraiture work is informed by discovering people's personalities and perspectives, both on an individual level and through themes that connect them. This has led him to telling the stories of the Queer Community in Waterville, Maine, and most recently his own family in Houston, Texas through his photo book and series, “I Love You. I Miss You. Have A Good Day."
Recently graduated from Colby College with a B.A in Studio Art: Photography.
Currently based in Houston, TX.
For inquiries, please reach out to josephbuiphoto@gmail.com
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